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What can a Las Vegas General Contractor do for me?

First we have to understand what is a General contractor in Las Vegas

​First we'll need to understand what are Las Vegas Contractors ; A company that undertakes a contract to provide materials or labor to perform a service or do a job. 

Here are some types of Las Vegas contractors ; Las Vegas painter and painting contractor, Flooring contractor, Las Vegas stucco contractor, roofing contractor, Las Vegas cement contractor, framing Las Vegas contractors

Now that you have examples of what can be a Las Vegas contractor lets understand what is a General Contractor in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas General Contractors; A general contractor in Las Vegas is a manager, and possibly a tradesman, employed by the client on the advice of the architect, engineer or the architectural technologist or the client him/herself if acting as the manager. A general contractor in Las Vegas is responsible for the overall coordination of a project. A Las Vegas General contractor must first assess the project-specific documents (referred to as bid, proposal or tender documents). In the case of renovations, the Las Vegas General Contractor visit is required to get a better understanding of the project. Depending on the project delivery method, the contractor will submit a fixed price proposal or bid, cost plus price or an estimate. The general contractor considers the cost of home office overhead, general conditions, materials and equipment as well as the cost of labor to provide the owner with a price for the project. 

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