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HR Builders of Henderson

HR Builders a Henderson Nevada general contractor

Henderson General Contractor Minus The Hassles. 

At HR Builders of Henderson we realize that trying to hire general contractors in Henderson can be quite stressful and worrisome. We can assure you that our general contractor services in Henderson will do everything possible to stay ahead of the curves that can be foreseen by professionals like us. Our company has taken great steps and measures to avoid complications that an unexperienced general contractor would never see like project timing, product availability, pulling permits, and acknowledging unforeseen structure issues. As a licensed general contractor in Henderson Nevada we are licensed by both The Nevada Contractor Board and the city of Henderson. We understand the laws pertaining to what's on hand and always obtain the necessary steps to deal with them as required by code. It's our experience that will help you with scheduling as well as stop unanticipated expenses in many instances. Simply put we are here to be the strategical buffer between you and the stress many projects may bring. 

License number #0055170 ​ Limit $500,000.00

Welcome to HR Builders of Henderson, a licensed General contractor for Henderson. 

At HR Builders of Henderson we understand that consumer understanding and accommodation is of the utmost importance for our clients, and we take great pride and commit to never stop delivering on that promise. And as your general contractor in Henderson Nevada we will always value our clients needs, desires, and appetite for perfection. Our general contractor has over 20 years of experience in the Las Vegas metro area, making him aware as to what it will take to bring a project together in a timely manner. It's because of our accomplishments of both the little and big things that allowed  us to be an award winning general contractor in Henderson and Las Vegas Nevada.

As a local general contractor in Henderson our rates are more than reasonable making us the go to general contractor. We honestly care about every project that we take on for our clients, meaning we understand that every jobsite represents us as a company. This would probably explain why we as a general contractor get so many projects from returning customers, referrals, and designer architects.

If you're ever in a need for a general contractor in Henderson Nevada call us and see why we are so accommodating, knowledgeable, and hands on solution solvers. 

''We didn't invent general contractor services, we only perfected it''.​​

Why hire a general contractor in Henderson Nevada?

When the need for Improvement or construction comes up on any project. There's so much that needs to come together like permits, building codes, hiring sub-contractors, product coordination, blue-prints, inspections, and so much more. When you hire a licensed general contractor in Henderson Nevada the goal is to have a company solve all your issues as well as coordinate everything in a timely manner so you won't spend more money than the project is already costing you. 

''Leave the project management to the pros''. 

You should also know that when you hire a general contractor you're taking advantage of established working partnership. This means that most great general contractors in Henderson Nevada that have been doing business for as long as HR Builders has, you're going to be quite more important to the contractors doing the work. And keep in mind when a general contractor is hired to handle your build or structure they are responsible for every stage of the project. 

Our Promise To You 

HR Builders of Henderson will always treat our clients as if they are the only clients we have. This is done so all our customers know that we as your Henderson general contractor are fully focused on you and all your needs. Our company was built on the fundamental that every client should get the best possible job with the best possible intentions. This is why we always say the no out of state general contractor can ever compete with our local indispensable knowledge and experience. We know what we as general contractors in Henderson Nevada need to do to get the job done and do it honorably.

Not All General Contractors in Henderson Are Created Equal.

What we are saying is go with a general contractor that's been there. It's so important that when you hire any type of contractor or general contractor that you know they can handle what you need. These days it seems that we hear of so many projects that the contractor just up and quits. This could happen for so many bad reason that it's almost hard to predict. Maybe the contractor wasn't clear with the scope of work he or she could handle, or maybe these general contractors just didn't have the experience or background to take on any type of project in the first place. Well, the one thing that you could be rest assured is that HR Builders of Henderson does. Our general contractor has been doing projects for over twenty years in the Las Vegas Metro area. And our commitment and obligation is second to none. We take great pride in the way we have treated every client as well as how every job has turned out. This would explain why hundreds or clients are so happy with HR Builders.