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Our Top Ten Reasons To Get A Solar Energy Panel System in Las Vegas

1. The sun source is free and limitless. So if you have a solar energy power panel system everything you collect after your purchase is free and clear. And if you live in a place like Las Vegas Nevada you're going to collect energy almost all year long ( solar energy systems in Las Vegas are likely to collect more energy than most other cities).

2. The price tag of a solar energy system installation in Las Vegas has gone down by 60% or more in the last 10 years. This is a huge price change as solar energy panel installation and product at one point was thought to be out of reach. In fact,  just 25 years ago if a homeowner in Las Vegas wanted to get a solar energy system they would be looking at $60-$80k. 

3. Today solar energy systems come with a much better warranty. This is do to the fact that solar panels are made with much better materials to handle harder conditions. Some Las Vegas solar energy companies offer solar panels that come with a twenty-five year warranty. 

​4. If a solar energy power customer has a battery system, they can run completely as if they were off the grid. As a matter of fact, if you have a big enough solar energy system you could avoid buying any energy from the power company. solar energy Las Vegas. 

​5. When you buy a solar energy panel system you are helping your local economy. Today the U.S. has over 250,000 people working in the field of solar power. It has been said that solar power in Nevada has created as much as 7,000 jobs. And I bet the Las Vegas solar energy field has a big part of that. 

​6. Buying a solar energy system in Las Vegas will allow you to avoid future energy price hikes. This is because when you buy a solar energy system you no longer need to buy what your system is collecting. Just make sure your solar system is big enough to collect the amount of energy that you'll be needing. 

Most Las Vegas solar energy power panel companies will look at the amount of energy that you've been using to do the configuration needed for that. 

​7. Solar energy systems in Las Vegas will make your property more valuable. Depending on the size of system you have most homes will sell for thousands above other similar homes in your neighborhood. 

8. The maintenance on solar energy panels are almost next to none. This is because most solar energy systems come with a twenty year warranty as they are designed to handle harsh weather. Some people will hire solar energy cleaning companies to get more efficiency but in Las Vegas it's not needed very often. 

9. Solar energy systems are eco-friendly. It's one of the easiest ways we as people can help the environment. 

​​ It's pure energy from the sun and helps combat greenhouse gas emissions and reduces our collective dependence on fossil fuel. 

10. Earn tax credits. Anyone who buys a solar energy power panel system can claim 26% of the total cost of what they paid for the installation as well as the products (please see a tax professional if you're buying because of the tax break).