Let's make moving much more easier simply by understanding the day of the move and what you might be going though.     

​When you and your family are moving, you expect to have a truck, carrying heavy boxes and furniture, and even have a crazy amount of unpacking once you're at your new place. This will force your life to come to a stand still as far as career or schooling in many cases. Not to mention the huge changes that are in back of your mind. So in my case the stress started when I was looking for a company that offered movers Las Vegas services. Many movers in Las Vegas have free estimates so at least I didn't have to worry about that but many Las Vegas movers ( Las Vegas moving company ) had huge differences in the way that they offered movers Las Vegas services. One moving company in Las Vegas offered me insurance on my belonging which I found confusing, after all if your Las Vegas movers had my stuff why aren't you responsible for my belongings. Well it turns out that movers Las Vegas run companies are responsible but for very little in fact most Las Vegas movers are only responsible by weight so make sure you read on that.

Another thing you need to watch out for is the reviews you see when Googling movers Las Vegas services. Some reviews said the moving company had a surge charge on some of the things so the bill wasn't what that Las Vegas moving company promised it be. Now to be fair most reviewers had not had that problem with most of the Las Vegas movers that where hired, in fact it seemed like most Las Vegas moving companies where on the up and up but the price range could be so different from one moving company to another moving company. The good news is that there are federal regulations when it comes to movers

Another thing that I had to coordinate was the packing and the packing material and that was because I did not pay the movers Las Vegas service provider to pack. This meant two things. One, I had to do the packing instead of the Las Vegas movers I hired. And two, the packing had to be done before my Las Vegas moving company ever showed up. So now I was looking for packing material because I found that most Las Vegas movers charged more for packing materials than I could buy. But this took coordination as it seemed the home stores had good deals on boxes but packing tape was a bit lower priced at stores like Walmart. And than bubble wrap was cheaper online. So basically what I'm saying is coordinating everything ahead of time. And if you think about it you'll need the same packing materials no matter what movers Las Vegas company you hire so start gathering up everything as soon as you know you're moving for sure.

Another tip I learned is to decide what is trash, this is do to the fact that you don't what to pay your Las Vegas moving company to move things that you really don't need. And if everyone you're moving with will do this weeks before the move the stress will be lightened considerably. 

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