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''Payless Painting System'' 

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''Payless Painting System'' 

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What can help you with making a good design ; Painters Las Vegas 101 

When you go to your Las Vegas painters you thing they'll give me ideas but in all reality it's what's going to make you happy in your life.

We have seen that some customers have been using their Life Coachs in Las Vegas to get the feel of what would be a positive stance in their life, 

​After all a life coach is someone who helps dial you in. 

​A Las Vegas life coach is an unusual way to go about it and I as a Las Vegas painter was thrown off too but when the job was done I couldn't believe how happy the customer was as well as how the job turned out. That Las Vegas Life Coach did a good job picking the colors to make the home very positive. In fact we used the colors the life coach choose again in another job. 

​It's funny because we've had custom designers who didn't do a good job as this life coach did. 

''What have a life coach choose the colors for me, are you crazy''